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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Let me first give a warm welcome to all our students and families as we begin the new school year 2018-2019.  The Dr. Charles C. Polk School staff is excited and ready to embark on this educational journey together with you and your child.  Our academic expectations are high and we are proud to announce that Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary School will continue to provide quality research-based programs and instruction. Every day we will challenge our students to problem solve, analyze data, consider innovative solutions, and work cooperatively.  

We are very excited to introduce a change in our approach to instruction in grades 3 and 4 for this school year.  Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary School has departmentalized with cohort teams in subject areas.  This translates into the following: 

• Two teachers at each grade level for Mathematics and Science 
• Two teachers at each grade level for English/Language Arts and Social Studies

  There are several new initiatives which will greet us this year and are as follows: 

» We have reviewed data and created a master schedule in an effort to maximize instruction and reduce disruptions.

» Through a 21st Century grant, we have expanded the learning experience through the Arts

» The Extended School Day Program will be mandatory for student below benchmark or who have not met grade level expectations 

» iReady is an online-based diagnostic assessment with differentiated instruction to address and deliver Language Arts Literacy and Mathematics instruction which is accessible to students 24/7. This program is comprehensive and aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  

» Our G & T Program begins in first grade; it is our philosophy that every child should receive the opportunities and benefits of G & T instruction.  

» We have a nurse and a guidance counselor who provide preventive strategies for maintaining good health habits and character education through classroom lessons. 

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a strong supporter of our curriculum and programs. We will maintain and improve our level of communication with parents to ensure that all students’ needs are being met in every class.  We urge all families to become proactive in their children’s education and we welcome everyone into our educational community.  

High academic expectations, quality teachers, extended day programs, challenging lessons and strong parental involvement make Dr. Charles C. Polk School a great place for our children to grow and learn.    We will be sure to monitor the effectiveness of this model to ensure success for all students. Remember, every day is a great day for learning at Polk School!    

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact Dr. Charles. C Polk School.

Educationally Yours,

Andreea Harry


      Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act: HIB Grades

Ms. Jasmine Martin
Anti-Bullying Specialist 

Ms. Lizette Cancio
Affirmative Action Officer