First Grade Squirrels

First Grade Squirrels

We have chosen our class motto:

Believe in yourself.



Do good.

1st Grade G&T Mascot

We have chosen squirrels as our class mascot. Read below to learn more.


Did you know that squirrels are very intelligent? Well they are? Squirrels are very smart, they don’t give up when faced with difficult problems and they also have great memories?

Squirrels never give up. Squirrels can solve difficult problems. They are able to find food and will never give up until they get it. Squirrels are able to find food in bird feeders and break into the bird feeder to get to it. In addition, Scientist created different obstacle courses for squirrels to make their way through. Squirrels were able to figure they way to the food quickly each time. We also never give up. When we have to figure something out that is difficult we will make sure that we will act like squirrels and never give up!

Squirrels have great memories. Squirrels spend a lot of time collecting and hiding nuts.  Squirrels use their great memory to locate their many hidden nuts. Squirrels are able to remember the many places they have hidden their collection. Squirrels can even find them months later. We also have good memories. We are able to remember important information we have leaned and this will help us as we are learning new concepts.

Squirrels are amazing. They are clever, have great memories and never give up. That is why a squirrel is a great mascot for our first grade class.

 Written by our first grade G&T class- Ryan Compusano, Gabriela Cornejo, Xayani Coy, Angel Duran, Kiara Harris, Olivia Jean, Ti'Andre Pretlow, Jeremie, PoinDujour, Kaleb Smith, Le'Niya Tulloch